What do you think my chances are?

<p>I am a Junior in high school, and currently have a 3.21 GPA (it hasn't been updated since last year)</p>

<p>Anyways, with a 3.21 (3rd/5th), 1580 (1090/1600) on the SATS, 25 on the ACTs (27 Math/27 English), what are my chances of admittance, just grade wise. I do have a few extra curricular under my belt, and some summer activities. I am also an applicant for the NROTC, planning to major in Nuclear Engineering.</p>

<p>Also, I am getting my new SAT scores back in 4 days, so hopefully they are a lot better (1300/1600, >1800/2400)</p>

<p>Ps, the reason my rank is so low is because my GPA only goes to 4.0 because of the classes I took, and I am compared with kids in a special program, and their GPA goes up to 5.6.</p>

<p>In other words, a kid getting a 3.9/5.6 will look better than a kid getting a 3.7/4.0</p>

<p>You'll probably get in, not sure about getting straight into the engineering program though. Try to raise your gpa because engineering is something a lot of students apply to Purdue for and a lot of other students wanting to get in will most likely have a better gpa than you. And hopefully your new SAT scores will be better. 25 on the ACT is fine though, it's a pretty common score. Also, why hasn't your gpa been updated since last year (or do you mean this past year you just finished? confused.)? If i recall, my gpa in high school always changed after each semester, but I guess schools all operate differently.</p>

<p>smahanru- Thanks, and yeah my GPA won't be fully updated until next September. I finish on Wednesday, but my guidance counselor said that it takes a while, because they go through to make sure there are no mistakes, and other stuff.</p>

<p>Also, with the Engineering, I think that the NROTC has special Naval courses that you take, but I may be wrong.</p>