What do you think of American Airline?

<p>I plan to fly with American Airline in Aug from my home country to JFK, New York.
Anyone having experience with AA? Do I have to worry about flight delay and cancellation? What about luggage lost risk?</p>

<p>Thanks in advance!</p>

<p>I would say that most airlines - especially on the coach level - are indistinguishable. As far as JFK goes, don't expect to get off the plane when you land. I've sat on the runway, waiting for a gate, for up to two hours.</p>

<p>It depends... where are you flying from? AA is my preferred airline out of JFK, flight delays are expected out of Kennedy for any airline, and they've never lost my bags.</p>

<p>Most delays in the US are ATC-related but airline-related. As hellojan said, airlines are indistinguishable when sitting in coach. The only exception is United with their Economy Plus seats. Any airport in the NYC area including EWR is known for delays/cancellations. Other airports where there are alot of delays are LAX, SFO, PHL, and ORD.</p>

<p>My moms flown 30k miles in AA</p>

<p>I've flown with AA plenty domestically in coach (primarily on Tampa to Dallas). I'm personally not a fan. JFK, DFW, and to a lesser extent MIA are all difficult airports due to their relatively inefficient layouts and shear size. The service is, as said before, mostly indistinguishable from other legacy carriers' coach product, but depending on the aircraft type the pitch and seat width might be slightly different. You shouldn't have any significant worries about lost baggage or excessive delays (barring weather) with AA. </p>

<p>Continental is (now was due to the UA buyout) in my opinion the tops of the legacy carriers in domestic Y, especially on transcontinental flights (anything longer than three hours). Delta didn't serve anything but drinks for the longest time on their 8 hour Atlanta - Honolulu route because it is considered domestic. That is absurd</p>

<p>With all that said, enjoy your trip!</p>