What do you think of Baylor School?

<p>Would you like to attend the Baylor School in Chattanooga,Tennessee?

<p>They were really nice! i scheduled a tour and an interview, and I later canceled it due to the higher day : boarding ratio. They were super nice about it. Baylor is one of the best schools in the southeast, and its really close to Chatanooga!</p>

<p>Thats a valid reason for canceling
Personally, Day to Boarder ratio has not affected my evaluation</p>

<p>The most important thing is:
Will a Baylor School education help me get into college?</p>

How does Baylor compare to Hun School or Episcopal(Virginia)</p>

<p>Major swim school. If you are a swimmer, you probably know this!</p>

<p>I would attend just because its in CHATTANOOGA. Such a cool name.</p>

<p>^haha true</p>

<p>It's an amazing city!</p>