What do you think of my application portfolio?

I am in the class of 2021 and my dream schools are Columbia University School of Business or Wharton School of Business at U Penn. I just want to see some second opinions on what I should improve upon.

Some background:
I have lived in New York, California, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and then back to California. Since 5th grade, I have had an interest in Finance and started my portfolio in 5th grade (this is due to my father being a hedge fund manager). I have taught myself how to trade stocks and analyze them, and I have taught myself corporate finance and some economics.

Some schools I am thinking of applying to:
University of Pennsylvania
Boston College
Carnegie Mellon
University of Chicago
Tsinghua University
Peking University
Hong Kong University
Keio University
University of Tokyo
National University of Singapore
Nanyang Technological University

School: Private (#3 in California)
-Note: my school isn’t an AP heavy school and most students take 1-2 APs
Race: Asian
Income: Middle Class

PSAT (Sophomore Year): 1190
PACT (Sophomore Year): 26
AP Computer Science A: 3 (I might retake it this year)

UW GPA: 3.37
Weighted GPA: 3.8

Classes I am enrolled in this year:
AP Chinese
Advanced Topics (the highest computer science class above AP at our school)
Honors Pre-Calculus
Western Civilization
Honors English

Sophomore Classes:
Honors Chinese 5
Honors Chemistry
Honors Algebra 2
Honors US History
AP Computer Science

Freshman Classes:
English 9
History 9
Honors Geometry
Honors Chinese 4
Introduction to Java

-Freshman Year Varsity Tennis
-Captain of Robotics Team (3rd year)
-President and Founder of Finance Club
-Had an internship at a $1.2 Billion Hedgefund (They have asked me to comeback)
-Member of Asia Club ( I could be president next year)
-Finance Class over the summer at Columbia University
-I have 40 hours of community service
-Freshman and Sophomore Year Ultimate Frisbee Team
-Udacity Predictive Analytics for Business Online Course

-VEX 2018-2019 World Championship Division Semi-Finalist
-VEX 2017-2018 California State Champion
-VEX Robotics 2018-2019 California State Champion
-Varsity Tennis NCS Finalists
-2nd Highest Skills Score in the World VEX 2017-2018 season

-Rebuilding Together Oakland (Help repaint houses)
-21 Blackjack Android APP (made an app where you can play 21 blackjack)
-Stock Market Machine Learning Algorithm (Attempted to make a algorithm using machine learning to predict price movement in the stock market, half worked)
-Third Life One - made a game in Unity with a story and tech demo
-Learned basic day trading in 4 weeks by myself through the internet (I learned basic fundamental and technical analysis)
Wrote a 10+ page paper on the Misuse of Cryptocurrencies (talked to major players in the crypto industry)

Note that Columbia Business School is a graduate program only, no undergrads. If Columbia is your top choice, you’ll need to apply to either SEAS or Columbia College (or Barnard if you identify as female).

Unless you are fluent in Japanese, Univ of Tokyo will be difficult, as only two degree programs are taught in English.

The main thing holding you back will be the grades (3.37 UW). This will be a stumbling block for almost all of the colleges listed above in the T20.

You will most likely not gain acceptance to most of the American universities you’re applying to, except maybe Boston College. My advice would be to apply Early Decision to Boston College to boost your chances.