What do you think of my SAT score?

<p>Unlike many folks on here, I am not a 1600 student. 1480 is my total (I can't seem to break the 1500, and I don't have the time). I would blame my non-native English ability - but I've actually lived here all my life so it's really just me and my idiocy.</p>

<p>What's your input on me applying to top-notch schools in USA? I've also got other stats but won't post here since it's the wrong forum :)</p>

<p>Well, it really depends on your other stats, ECs, etc, but a 1480 is an extremely respectable score at any of the nation's universities or LACs</p>

<p>I really think people here get overconcerned with SAT scores, that's a great score, and you don't need to retake. People with perfect scores get rejected all the time, so it's not like some special number get by itself cause rejection or acceptance</p>

<p>AGH i meant 1470 (and I call math my strongest point) <em>scoffs</em></p>

<p>MMhmmm I was just curious about what you crazysmart people thought! Thanks for replying Rmac2188 and celebrian25! Much appreciated!</p>

<p>1480 is amazing...</p>

<p>its kinda like comparing 1.99 dollars to 2.00 dollars... it looks really different but its not that much.</p>

<p>or a person makes 800,000 dollars a year versus a person who makes 1,000,000 dollars a year.</p>

<p>Solid score</p>

<p>A person at my school got 1480 and was accepted at Brown and UCLA. She had some great ECs, though (at least the best one can ever get at my school)--president of Student Faculty Council, drum majorette, Model United Nations, etc. So I think, with 1480, you do have a chance at the top-notch schools, but you much have strong ECs to back up the score.</p>

<p>What about a 1420? how does that compare to other students applying for us top 25 schools? (Not Ivy)</p>