What Do You Think of the Upcoming New "Hawaii Five-O" TV Series?

<p>I don't like it. I'm old school. Jack Lord's portrayal of Steve McGarrett is as ingrained into my psyche as Sean Connery's original James Bond. You can't beat the original. </p>

<p>The lords of CBS have turned McGarrett and especially his top assistant, aka "Dann-O" as in "Book 'em, Danno!" in to a couple of clowns. I hate it when they do that. Jack Lord played McGarrett straight and serious. He was a real top cop. I think they've trashed a one time top show. I predict it won't last a full season. What say ye?</p>

<p>Don't understand why they can't make something similar but newer & different. So far, there's a lot of curiousity. Many aren't thrilled with the female lead--too wimpy to make a copy (in fact most of them look pretty lightweight and not very muscular--having some muscle & bulk helps, especially when you are trying to apprehend 300 pound perps).</p>

<p>I think their McGarrett is too young for the character. It's also my complaint about NCIS Los Angeles also. NCIS works because of Mark Harmon as the greyback gorilla. Danno and McGarrett can't be the same age!</p>

<p>Actually, the cast is ALL too young to be like the original 5-0. It looks more like the cast for GLEE or 24 than a serious action police drama.</p>

<p>Is nothing sacred??? There is only ONE Danno, and that is James MacArthur...if they had him guest-starring in an episode I would watch (I am sure he has aged well!) but otherwise I won't be interested.</p>

<p>I predict it will last as long as the remake of "Knight Rider", without William Daniels & David Hasselhoff, did.</p>

<p>I think it looks kinda good, but then ...</p>

<p>I've never seen Hawaii Five-0.</p>

<p>public opinion in HI about it is hopeful but not very enthused</p>

<p>How can anyone be enthused with two young "clowns" as McGarrett and Danno. I agree with people here who feel the casting is way off. McGarrett and Danno weren't buddy cops. Why is everything today reduced to buddy comes trying engage in witty banter? Is that where today's entertainment mindset is fixed? That's pathetic. Steve McGarrett was a deadly serious guy who gave no quarter and asked for none. I'm afraid they've also screwed up the Hawaiian detectives too. Terrible terrible casting.</p>

<p>This reminds me of the horrible casting of the movie version of Miami Vice. Nothing like the hit TV series. Terrible terrible casting. Jamie Foxx was way too ugly to play Ricardo Tubbs. And Colin Farrell has ZERO charisma. He was totally unconvincing as a southern good ol' boy Sonny Crockett. I could hear Farrell's natural Irish brogue. What a comedy. And the guy who played Lt. Castillo? OMG!!!! Horrible HORRIBLE casting.</p>