what do you think of this high school?

<p>I feel really stupid at this moment, unless anyone else goes to bls here. </p>

<p>My average is around a 3.6.. but the way my school grades....
100-97= A+; 96-93= A; 92-90= A- ;89-87=B+; 86-83=B;82-80=B- ; one can get the picture and anything below a 60 is a F.
I take no honors and I'm a sophomore, but I feel that in order to get into a good college I have to transfer to another school where I can get better grades. But I really don't want to transfer, since I made most of my friends there and I'm part of a couple clubs and am the president of one of them.
I haven't participated in any sports or choirs.
I've volunteered at sixie orientation for about 90 hours and I currently volunteer at a tutoring program.
I've won the silver medusa medal for the medusa mythology exam.
My life just sucks now.</p>

<p>Try to take some honors classes?</p>

<p>You don't have to move! My school grades the same way; I think it is standard. how is your GPA?</p>

<p>I see nothing abnormal about the GPA. Isn't that the way the majority of schools grade? Mine does it your way, except we don't have D's. (Anything below a 70 is an F)</p>

<p>lol... if honor classes didn't require an A- and above to get into and the honor classes were all cut in half because of the budget cuts. So I can't take any honors in any of the subjects I excelled in because there are no honors for that course for the next year. I suck at algebra and geometry, and that's the only honors class offered from 8th to 10th grade.</p>

<p>Bls is insane... they're charging kids who don't live in Boston 10,000 a year every year they spent in the school, because it's a "elite public" school, and it "has the same quality of education as a private school with the tution of 10,000 a year". -_-"</p>