What do you think of UTEP?? Is it a good engineering school??

<p>I live in el paso tx, ive been planning to go to UT but i really dont think i would get into UT, so my second choice is UTEP.. they say alot of mean things about UTEP like its a trier 4 and that is compared to a community college is this true??
Anyways what do you think about UTEP do they have good classes or is it a good school?? help me please??</p>

<p>According to USNews ( University</a> of Texas--El Paso - Best Colleges - Education - US News and World Report ), UTEP is in fact categorized as a tier 4 school. And judging from its 99% acceptance rate (from fall 2008), it is a non-selective school so admission wise, it is comparable to that of a community college.
I would consider going to a community college and transferring into UT.</p>

<p>yeah its a straight school, i live in texas so i know about it. If you plan on workin in texas you can come from nearly any Texas uni. </p>

<p>if you arent confident in getting into UT, check out Texas Tech and U of Houston(there are a few others). Both have pretty good engineering programs.</p>

<p>dont worry about the T-4 status, it wont hurt like you think. Overall its a decent school, its in the UT system. </p>

<p>BTW if you apply to UT and get denied they will offer you CAP(coordinated admission) basically you do a year at a UT system school, get a 3.2 and transfer after your freshman year to UT. So you can do the CAP program, but you need to apply to UT to get offered CAP.</p>