what do you think? score choice

<p>i submitted my scores to ND. they said the subject scores are optional, so what i did was send in both of my SAT I scores (since i only took it twice) and then i used score choice for my sat II scores so that only my two highest scores were sent. do you think ND will be upset that i used score choice? after all i only used it for the subject tests. and even though i took the SAT reasoning twice, all my best scores for CR/M/W were from one sitting anyway. i am getting anxious guys :( maybe i shouldn't have done score choice for the subject tests either but i had a 500 from like 3 years ago that i didn't want to send...</p>

<p>Don't sweat it. I only sent my best ACT score, got in EA. Did not send SAT at all even tho I took it twice. It's why it's called "choice!"</p>

<p>Since it's not required, I highly doubt it will hinder you. When I visited, I was told that SAT IIs can only help, and if they are not impressive, they will be ignored. They can't hold three-year-old low score against you. </p>

<p>That being said, I sent in a 800 Math II and a 680 Chemistry (54 percentile...) and was accepted EA.</p>