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<p>Hi! I am a junior so this doesn't directly apply to me but this issue struck me as just kinda unfair. I have senior friends who work hard, take loads of AP classes(after taking the prerequisites which isn't as highly weighted), succeed and pass and then barely make top 10 or not at all because of two reasons. One, is that the valedictorian is a fresh transfer student who is dual enrolling at the community college and no one knew their existence. Another reason is all the other kids who take dual enrollment full time.</p>

<p>Its common knowledge that dual enrollment is way easier than AP in our neck of the woods but choosing AP was the way to go for those of my friends who wanted to go out of state.</p>

<p>and to be honest, there are some people who are dual enrolling in my own year that I personally know as not good students..(like unfair advantages on tests in various ways)</p>

<p>and then there is this one girl in my year who totally deserves valedictorian however we had a recent transfer student in my year too who is currently at that spot(in her old city, they allowed dual enrollment since freshman year, we have an age limit at ours) however her rank might also be threatened by those who did dual enrollment.</p>

<p>so back to seniors.. now my friend isn't gonna be sitting on the stage as she deserves. It will be an interesting valedictorian speech I predict for that transfer student knows no one being dual enrolled and recent transfer. (at least the transfer student in my year is in my class and i know her she is nice, she herself said that she would refuse the title of valedictorian -by the way someone else told me that.. i didn't ask)</p>

<p>So what do you think? should transfer students be included? what about dual enrollment kids?</p>

<p>crud… I think this topic might go better under high school life… I’m going to put it again over in that thread and anyone with the authority to can close this one.</p>

<p>I’m not sure what you mean by dual enrollment? We have dual credit classes at our school. Example: DC government where a professor comes in from a local comm. college or government a regular teacher teaches. Does that make sense??? Anyway, government is one class you have to take at our school to graduate so why not take the harder class? It’s also weighted if you take the dual credit class. However, my school doesn’t allow you to take a college class in the summer and have it count on your high school transcript. I hope that makes sense! We did have a girl move here last year in my grade, and she ranked lower at my school than where she came from. My school requires certain classes to be taken before you graduate. Kids that move in usually haven’t taken at least one of the required classes so they may be a junior in a class with all freshmen. Of course I’m not sure, but I don’t believe I’ve heard of a senior that moved in and took the place of one of our top students. I’m positive it hasn’t happened in the last six years.I can’t say before that time! I guess if they have taken all of the required classes your school asks for then it’s fair. That sure would be a bummer!</p>

<p>Also, my school only offered one AP class this year for seniors (a science). Only one last year for juniors (an English). So the top kids take the dual credit classes offered. Let’s say someone came in and already took the AP science class their junior year somewhere else. That person would have to take one of the other science classes because you have to graduate with four sciences! That unweighted class would hurt your GPA.</p>