What do you think the "coed version" of Smith?

<p>I'm looking for another colleges to transfer to. I'm really interested in Smith and just wondering is there any similiar colleges that are:
- coed college
- LACs
- located in Northeastern area
- promise a lot of fin aid for international student
- nice location & nice campus
- great academics (esp for economics)
- great college life (well, of course it will be depends on the students themselves, but at least the college has a lot of interesting ECs)</p>


<p>uhhhhhh </p>

<p>except for fin. aid, there are SO many schools like what you want....
but for financial aid you may want to read this site, its really good, and answered a lot of my questions. </p>

<p>Intlscholarships:</a> International Scholarships - International Financial Aid USA</p>

<p>here are the schools they list:
Harvard University Yale University
MIT Middlebury College
Amherst College Grinnell College
Reed College St. Lawrence University
Dartmouth College Oberlin College
Colgate University Franklin and Marshall College
Macalester College Gettysburg College
Stanford University Berea College
Smith College (women) Mount Holyoke College (women)
Occidental College University of Pennsylvania
Colby College
Trinity College</p>

<p>good luck!</p>

<p>Hey, sorry I don't really have any alternatives for you off hand...I"m actually applying to transfer INTO smith. Why are you leaving?</p>

<p>I'm just trying to get a more "well rounded" view of the school. Going to an all womens school is a huge decision!</p>

<p>Thanks! </p>

<p>p.s. check out sarah lawrence maybe? Or Weslyan?</p>

<p>thx for all the reply. BTW, I'm applying to transfer INTO Smith (I'm currently at comm college), but I'm still looking for another colleges for safeties. Sorry if my post wasn't clear.</p>

<p>Wesleyan is definitely a great college, but it doesn't offer fin aid for transfer student.</p>

<p>sarah lawrence could be a good choice. I'll try to find out. THX</p>

<p>^where did u hear that Wes doesn't offer fin/aid to transfer students? Of course, they do.</p>

<p>It stated in their website.. Wesleyan</a> University : Admission</p>

<p>"No financial aid is available for transfer students who are not US citizens or permanent residents of the US."</p>

<p>I'm an international student.</p>

<p>what do you think the closest one: Sarah Lawrence, Hampshire, or Connecticut College?</p>

<p>I like SLC because it's near NYC, but I heard that its dorm is sucks.
Hampshire is located in Amherst, but many people said that the campus is ugly, the social scene isn't appealing & I don't think I will suite its liberal curriculum.
Conneticut College.. uhm.. I don't know a lot about it. However, I don't think there is a lot of things to do in its city. I guess most of its students are CT residents and they'll come home every weekend?</p>

<p>Which one is the most generous for fin aid?
Which one has the best social scene, esp for international student (I like Smith because it has a lot of programs/activities for international students)?</p>


<p>regarding the above re: conn college: 98% of students live on campus for all 4 years and 83% of students are from out of state. therefore the vast majority of social life occurs on campus- DEFINITELY not a suitcase school (where students leave campus every weekend).
Big on international students as well.</p>

<p>hampshire college. it's in a consortium with smith and you can take as many classes as you want there.</p>

<p>Macalester is less selective, though still top 25. They have a large percentage of internationals, and I suspect they offer aid to transfers.</p>

<p>word. and having lived in western mass for the past two years but being from the twin cities, i can say that the twin cities are way cooler, more bikeable, and have way more stuff to do. flatter, yes, but more accessible bodies of water. and the people are so much friendlier.</p>

<p>Macalester! I love that school!</p>

<p>But if you want to stay in the northeast, try Brandeis (~3300) or Tufts (~5000). </p>

<p>Brandeis: "Furthermore, we meet 100% of demonstrated financial need for international students who are admitted."</p>

<p>Scholarships</a> and Financial Aid</p>

<p>Tufts is a little less generous for FA, but I think they still give FA to international students.</p>

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