What do you think?

<p>Alright, for recommendations I need some advice. For my two main ones I am asking my junior AP/IB English teacher--she loved me, we were really close and still are, English is my best subject and I made excellent grades, etc. That recommendation will be glowing and she's going to work hard on it because she knows how much I want to break the mold of settling for whats easy in my family and shoot for a top-notch school. My second rec is from my AP/IB Bio II teacher...she has so far in senior year (only 6 weeks though) been impressed with my work ethic/intelligence and she told me that she knows how much pride I take in my work and learning, etc. So that one will be fairly good, but she doesn't know me that well since I've only had her for one year. </p>

<p>Basically, I plan on submitting a third supplemental letter of rec to round out the group because my bio teacher will probably not have a lot to say about my character. I know teacher recs are mainly for how you function in the classroom and such, but I still feel like I want another one.</p>

<p>My only problem is who to ask!</p>

<p>Option # 1 is my debate coach who was also my freshman year english teacher. I know colleges don't care about freshman year really, but he's been my debate coach for the past 3 years now and we have had a lot of philosophical conversations and debates about politics and things. He knows me really well and would write a good recommendation.</p>

<p>Option # 2 is my Theory of Knowledge (a required course for IB Diploma) teacher who was also my IB Psych teacher last year. She knows the most about how I think just based on the subjects she has taught/is teaching me and the amount of discussion/writing we have to do in those courses. She would also write a really great letter.</p>

<p>Option # 3 is my swim coach. I'm on varsity and I have been swimming all 4 years but I am NOT BEING RECRUITED mainly because I don't want to swim in college and also because I am only really competitive in one event. Anyway, my swim coach knows my work ethic/character the best out of any of the 3 choices and we are super close. She's ALSO an English teacher (all three of my choices are, by the way) so once again, great possible rec.</p>

<p>I know that a supplemental letter isn't required so I shouldn't be worried, but I feel like I want and need one. What do ya'll think? Who should I ask, and why?</p>

<p>First, improve the title of your post, it will lure more people here. Second, most colleges think that 3 recs are unnecessary and will only read the two. Unless you were really hardcore in debate (and were at the top of the debate team), I wouldn't ask your debate teacher, if you were then yes!</p>

<p>One or two. Or not at all.</p>

<p>i'd skip #3. i'd also look for someone in a different subject who can also speak to the kind of thinker you are - perhaps a math/science teacher from a class you always spoke up in, or even history or foreign language.</p>

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