What do you think?

<p>hey everybody, i was wondering if anyone could briefly look over my stats and give me some feedback about my chances of gaining harvard acceptance...</p>

<p>sat i 1520
chem 770
math iic 790
writing 720 (yuck...i know...)
gpa 3.8/4.0 unweighted, 4.2/4.0 weighted
ap calc bc 5, chem 4, bio 4 (independent study), us history 5
currently taking: ap physics, english, govt, psych
rank: 4/385</p>

<p>red cross club cofounder and president
national honor society vice president
newspaper editor-in-chief
project greenways president
environmental club treasurer
mathcounts asst. coach
varsity tennis team state team championship runners-up (grrr)</p>

<p>hospital volunteer 350 hours
red cross volunteer 125ish hours
medical assistant at pediatrician's office
math tutor
big buddy/little buddy</p>

<p>pa governor's school
-did some genomic transformation research there for about 1.5 months....(is this really even significant?--i doubt it)</p>

<p>science fair awards
usual scam stuff--who's who, national honor roll, nylf medicine, etc...
national merit semifinalist (15000 of 16000 will become finalists, sooo keeping fingers crossed)</p>

<p>thanks so much for your time everyone!</p>

<p>i think the only thing that can hurt u is ur gpa. But as long as u took hard classes, i gotta say that colleges will accept u. For harvard, u got a 50%, maybe more, chance. I dont think u got less than 50, so thats good! Just emphasize ur ec's, maybe the redcross club cuz u founded it, like in ur essay, and make it good and ull be in. I founded a comedy club which im gonna include in my essay.</p>