What do you wear to a college interview?

<p>I've got an on-campus interview at Barnard this week and I'm kind of just unsure of what to wear.. I don't want to show up and be overly-formal and over-dressed, but I don't want to seem too casual or anything either.
What have you guys worn on your college interviews?? Heeeeelp please, cause I'm going shopping later today!</p>

<p>i wore jeans and a north face, but mine was in a coffee shop so it was pretty informal. if you are going on-campus, maybe a nice sweater and black dress pants?</p>

<p>Wear whatever you are comfortable in. Universities are not particularly formal places.</p>

<p>What's in your head (including your thoughtful reasons about applying to Barnard) will be more important than what's on your back unless you wear something offensive like a Smith sweatshirt.</p>

<p>It depends. For example, I wore jeans and informal dress to my MIT interview which was as the dude's home. To my rice interview (on-campus), I was happy that I wore khakis and a button-down when I saw that my interviewer was wearing a suit. Most people just say to wear what you're comfortable in. Unless you come naked, what you wear probably won't have the slightest impact on how your interview goes (which is often relatively unimportant anyways).</p>

<p>It depends. I went to my georgetown interview in dress pants and a blouse because my interviewer worked for the governor (i looked him up). but someone else from my school who applied to georgetown had an interview in a coffee shop, completely informal, and wore jeans, so i don't know how to answer your question.</p>

<p>You want YOU/your responses to stand out at the interview...NOT what you're wearing. In other words, don't wear super-ripped jeans, a really low-cut blouse, tons of sequins, sweatpants, etc. Dark, basic-cut jeans or khakis and a nice-ish top would probably fit the bill. </p>

<p>Good luck at your interview!</p>