What do you

<p>What do you have a habit of doing?</p>

<p>1) Eating two pop sicles at the same time</p>

<p>2) humming the lyrics to a good song</p>

<p>3) waving to ppl constantly</p>

<li>Stalking other people's grades.</li>
<li>Compulsively doing things, i.e. color-coding my notes and getting frustrated when I get the order wrong.</li>
<li>Repeatedly saying "hi" when people stare at me.</li>
<li>Browsing CC. :)</li>

<p>I'm sure there's more...</p>

<p>When I talk on the phone I always wave when I say goodbye.
I don't really talk on the phone a lot.</p>

<li>Giving people constructive criticism (i.e. "you're so stupid!")</li>
<li>Trashing my school in front of teachers.</li>
<li>Farting real smelly.</li>

<p>^^^thats not just a habit...it's plain weird</p>

<li>smiling when i dont know the answer to a teacher's question</li>
<li>using hand sanitzer after shaking hands with a stranger</li>
<li>chewing gum when im bored</li>
<li>singing in the shower</li>

<li>dancing when no one's watching</li>

1. Stalking other people's grades.


<p>haha me too.</p>

<p>I also do kinda OCD stuff. For example, sometimes I have to do things three times, things have to be exact, etc. It gets frustrating sometimes. lol.</p>

<p>Highlighting words with the mouse when I'm reading something online. </p>

<p>Buying things impulsively.</p>

<p>Start cleaning absent-mindedly, usually when I'm nervous.</p>


<p>Loud music.</p>

<p>PROCRASTINATING. Very bad habit. very very bad. it kills me, and i hate it, but I can't overcome it. I have to leave EVERY DARN thing to the very last minute. even simple things, like filling out basic info, or filling out a survey.</p>

<p>-I always sleep with the tv on...either on the weather channel or on the AV channel...the volume must be low.</p>

<p>-I always lock my bathroom door when I sleep...I hate when it's open.</p>

<p>-If I order curly fries with fast food then I must eat the curly fries first.</p>

<p>i cant help procrastinating either- i still havent gotten started on my summer assignments</p>



<p>When I'm nervous (especially before a race) I ball my hands up into fists and hit them on my hips bones.</p>

Buying things impulsively.


<p>let's kill her
and then take her money</p>

<p>I enjoy playing with myself.</p>

<p>Me too junior.</p>

<p>Junior, I hope you mean it in pleasant terms... :)</p>

<p>Oh yeah, he meant it that way too. :)</p>

<p>i ball my hands into fists when someone makes me angry. clenching and unclenching.</p>

<p>why are you so violent bobert? I think you're repressing something that you need to tell someone, and it's killing you keeping it all bottled up, but you don't know how to release your emotions, so you resort to violence.</p>

<p>yes, i think that's your diagnosis. we need to do something about this, asap.</p>

<p>bobert needs a shoulder to cry on (teardrop)</p>

<p>I think he needs your shoulder to cry on.</p>