What does a SAS Report contain?

<p>What does a Student Answer Service report look like/contain? I've seen QAS before and I know what those contain, so I'm wondering what exactly the SAS contains. Does it come with your answers, the correct answers for each section and the difficulty levels (like the answer key page for the QAS), and curves? Or does it just come with one or more of these? Just wondering... Thanks guys!</p>

<p>You can get a list of the question types and difficulties. Also listed for each question is whether you omitted the question, answered correctly, or answered incorrectly. You do not get the questions, the correct answers, or even your actual answers.</p>

<p>You can purchase the QAS for 3 tests, January, May and October and you will receive your answer sheet with all your answers, the correct answers and the level of difficulty along with a clean copy of the test booklet. It arrives in 6-8 weeks after the test.</p>

<p>For the other tests you can purchase your answer sheet, SAS, that gives you the questions you answered correctly, missed or omitted, the level of difficulty and the type of problem but not the booklet.</p>

<p>Ok, thanks guys. It's a bummer that I'm taking the SAT in a non-QAS month (March).</p>

<p>SAS is a waste of money. Don't get it.</p>

<p>^ Yeah, I wasn't planning to.</p>