What does an alternate appt mean?

<p>I was just in contact with a friend's mom. He received an "alternate" appt. In real life, what are his chances? Do they rank them? Thanks.</p>

<p>it means if anyone from his state (or region) rejects their appointment or if they are not medically qualified, then he will be appointed in place of them</p>

<p>I don't know about other states, but I was told by an academy rep that SC is alotted 6 slots to the Merchant Marine Academy and those 6 positions are then offered appointments if qualified. Out of those 6, any who decline their appointments give the alternate candidates, such as myself, a chance at an appointment per my state. We also go onto a national list of alternates. I'm told that I'm midway down on the national list. I was told by admissions that I have two pretty good chances to get in. One per my state and the other nationally and that there is still hope. The problem I foresee, is that decisions need to be made and the Academy may wait too late in my case. They can call you up at the end of June to say come July 8th. Crazy huh!? I'm not going to put my life on hold for "maybes". I'll just move on and prepare for The Citadel as planned. If it happens, it happens. Good luck to everybody else though! :) Hope I explained this well enough and it helps....</p>

<p>Thank you. That's good news for my friend. Can you send your deposit in for regular college and then bow out? Tough spot!</p>

<p>Colleges differ so you'd have to check into it. I know in my case, I sent in a $300.00 deposit to The Citadel back in November to hold my spot. If I decline my position there by May 1st, I will get it back. So say my plans change around June, I loose my deposit to The Citadel if I choose to go somewhere else. It is a bad feeling to know that if you are waiting for an academy to take you, you are waiting for those ahead of you to decline then causing those who want in The Citadel to wait for me. What a vicious cycle the Academies have created!</p>

<p>My friend's mom called me today and he made it in! So, I guess an alternate appt does not mean the end...</p>