What does anyone know about the EXCEL program?

<p>I've looked at the webpage dedicated to it and still don't fully understand what it is. It seems like something I'd want to do since I am already thinking ahead to how I can make myself competitive for pharmacy graduate school. I'm already accepted to the Burnett Honors College so would that disqualify me from EXCEL?</p>

<p>They basically stick a bunch of STEM students in the same dorms so you make friends with other STEM kids and support each other yada yada yada study groups yada yada yada group synergy etc...It also guarantees a research project in the spring semester of your sophomore year</p>

<p>Wow you've convinced me. But really, the guaranteed research would be a plus but is it on par with the honors program with its own advising, classes, ect? The way you make it sound, it's just a way for socially inept geeks to be forced into socially interacting with other people.</p>

<p>Nahh,its pretty much to support stem majors as in general they will need more help in a competitive field. It's similar to the honors college in a sense but is also a little different. I'm doing it and don't necessarily consider myself a socially inept geek by any means at all haha. Sorta like oh your smart, heres some housing research and class priority.</p>

<p>Are you also doing the honors college? The whole research thing with EXCEL has my attention big time so I'm really thinking about also doing it. Just as long as we all aren't having weekly 'inner chi' sessions with ice breakers and ice cream socials or anything else ridiculous...</p>

<p>Demure> I thought I was in the same boat. Researched really had me at first. And you can do hon and EXCEL but then my friend convinced me outta it. You're required to take their Calc 1 again even if you got a 5 on bc calc..whihc I didn't but if I can, i would not want to retake Calc 1..even though I gotta three on the AB exam. I heard it's like the STEM version of AVID... but I'd appreciate the extra support- just ain't fond of how restrictive it is, esp if i consider double majoring. :/ My friend looked into it at some kinda thing that talked about it.</p>

<p>So I guess it depends also on what level math are you taking and if you're willing to retake it.</p>

<p>Hmm that's something else to consider, although I'm only taking calc ab so it wouldn't be as bad for me if I had to take calc 1 over again. I hadn't even considered EXCEL until I posted this new thread though so I think I could restrain myself from being impulsive and think about what would be best. I'm glad I'm not in a unique situation though.</p>

<p>Yeah it stinks. :( I really thought I was going to do LEAD too.. not sure if I'm even gonna apply anymore.. with it's requirements..I might drop my accounting double major to a minor.(I'm considering doubling with comp engin.) And I really am growing more interested in an entrepreneurship minor. So difficult!</p>

<p>Yeah, EXCEL is definitely not on the same level as honors as far as I'm concerned. And from everything the honors people told me on my visit, there is no shortage of research projects if you're interested. EXCEL does not really appeal to me as a comp sci major.</p>

<p>As I recall they had an informational session for EXCEL at the open house I went to a few months ago so I may consider just stopping by for that presentation during the next open house. Thank you for the feedback everyone.</p>

<p>Paid research along with further research opportunities may be worth retaking Calc 1.</p>

<p>Does anyone know about the research opp for a Provost Scholar? I haven't much info about that. :/ Though I did consider dropping EXCEL before I got my scholarship.</p>

<p>This is what the brochure says:</p>

<p>"After completing required math and science classes during the freshman year, EXCEL students have the option of taking part in paid research experiences in their sophomore year. The goal of the undergraduate research experience is for students to see and experience first hand and feel what it is like to discover.</p>

<p>In the fall semester of their sophomore year, EXCEL students pair with UCF STEM faculty mentors. Students and faculty team up according to their research interests; their research experience begins during the spring semester of their sophomore year.</p>

<p>EXCEL students involved in Undergraduate Research Experiences are well prepared for future, paid research experiences at UCF."</p>

<p>I didn't know they offered anything to provost scholars, UCF seems so secretive about information. I'm probably going to end up applying for the EXCEL program, even at the expense of any free time I'll have left once I start college.</p>

<p>I mean to each his own but unless your in AP calc I dont see what the big deal is. Im taking just calc honors so I'll still be familiar with the material. I will be doing EXCEL either way and if I get honors than all the better..</p>

<li>Has anyone else been told they made it through the first round of EXCEL? I checked and it said I did but I accidentally clicked off the page and can't find the next steps to complete...</li>

<p>Sucks, I think I would definitely be a fit for this... But I never took the SAT. They will not accept ACT scores :/</p>

<p>In Calc BC, 34 ACT math and 760 SAT Physics. I really don't understand how I'm not qualified for this....</p>

<p>DANG! You have really strong math skills! Aww.. :(
I haven't heard back from them and I believe I applied on the first day.</p>

<p>Im sure youll both get in..and then be able to tell me what my next steps are cause Im an idiot</p>

<p>To those who have made it through the first round next step is to take the Math Placement Test but you have to have paid your $200 deposit first or you cannot take the test.</p>