What does Brown mean by this email reply? I am confused.

<p>Eatyoualive: My application status shows that my transcript is missing. Can I send the transcript through email? Attaching a pdf file, i.e. a scan of the transcript?</p>

<p>And is there a way to fax the mid year report? Because the cost of sending the mid year report through DHL is too high for my family.</p>

<p>Brown's reply:</p>

<p>Dear eatyoualive,</p>

<p>Your transcript can be sent via this email address. It must be sent directly from your school. The mid-year report can also be sent to this email address.</p>


<p>so..via this email address means my email address? but then sent directly from school, my counselor's email? What?</p>

<p>Your school should email the mid-year report to the school's email address (Brown's) which you used to ask the question.</p>

<p>Your school emails to Brown.</p>