What does California residency change for UC schools?

<p>I have lived in California my entire life, but because my mom and I spent a year in Utah last year, I won't be classified as a "California resident" for the University of California, for my freshman year.</p>

<p>HOWEVER, since I spent 3 years at California High Schools, AND graduated from a Californian High School, I will have my "out of state fees" waived! This is a new policy that they follow.</p>

<p>Next year, I will be classified as a resident, since my mom will live in CA just like she has for 30 years. I will only endure "non-residency" for this freshman year.</p>

<p>YET I still wonder... are there any other hidden drawbacks to this deal? **Is there any difference to being a California resident, versus being a non-resident with the extra fees waived?<a href="I'm%20only%20wondering%20about%20the%20first%20year...%20I%20realize%20that%20years%202,3,4%20will%20be%20%22normal%22.">/B</a></p>

<p>Bump - I had pretty much the same question</p>

<p>State residency only impacts your fees. It may have played a role in the admission process, but that is no longer an issue for you.</p>

<p>Wait I thought it also affects Cal Grant eligibility? That's a big deal</p>

<p>Well, yes, residency impacts your fees and your financial aid. I was referring to the fact that residency does not impact student services or campus resources once you become a student.</p>