What does everyone do the week before classes start?

<p>I think move in day is September 18th, but classes don't start until the 23rd. So, what goes on in between those 4 days, preferably for transfer students? Do most people actually moved in that early?</p>

<p>You make friends, you buy books for the quarter, go to events thrown by associated students, and if you like, go to parties in isla vista.</p>

<p>I believe clubs also set-up booths around the Arbor during that week.</p>

<p>The first week at UCSB is called the "Week of Welcome". During this time, they have a lot of planned events and fun stuff to do to meet people. Its a great experience, and I wish they had one of these before every quarter, instead of just every year. </p>

<p>Although they haven't posted anything yet, you can find stuff to do during this time here:
UCSB</a> Discovery Days - Welcome to UCSB Discovery Days</p>

<p>But even without trying, you will find stuff to do.</p>

<p>party, and yell "ole, ole ole ole," a lot</p>

<p>i think i might just move my stuff in and just come back home until the day before classes start</p>

<p>Cowman, I'm not too excited for this week either because I know I will be out of my comfort zone but I'm sure we will feel more comfortable when we get there!</p>

<p>Why would you want to go back home! Its so boring there! I myself cannot wait for this week, since Ill know what clubs ill be joining and who my friends are going to be for the next 4 years.</p>

<p>call me antisocial but I wish that I didn't have to acquaint with everyone...I wish I could just have an instant group of friends and be done with the whole meet and greet thing lol.</p>

<p>I am stoked for this Week of Welcome deal. Let's see what type of chill ass people I meet and become friends with. haha</p>

<p>I hear welcome week is really really lame though.</p>

<p>Well I'll check it out and if it does turn out to be lame. I'll just go explore what will be a a new area to me, on my bike.</p>

<p>Yeah, you never know, it might turn out to be great!</p>

<p>Meh alot of random friends I met on Facebook told me that we are f'sho hanging out during move in day and I kind of feel overwhelmed by the amount of people I'm supposed to hang out with lol. I might just move in my stuff and sit in the Ucen and eat those awesome Dominos bread bowls.</p>