What does it mean to be well educated?

<p>I hope this topic provokes a lively discussion about what it means to be well educated. Not trained. Educated. And maybe "provokes" is not the best choice of word. Scratch that. How about: I hope this topic inspires people to share their perspectives on what the concept of a good education means to them now, what it meant to them when they were younger and what they suspect it means to their children (and what they wish it meant!). Do you "use" your education? At work? At home? With your friends? How important is it to be well educated? Lots of schools say they want to turn our kids into lifelong learners. Is that just a buzz phrase, or does it have meaning for you?</p>

<p>A well educated person has developed an understanding of multiple frames of reference. Such a person understands the big picture and can analyze situations from a variety of perspectives. Training is narrow, while education is broad. </p>

<p>Education is used in every context: work, home, relationships. My life would be immeasurably poorer (not just in a monetary sense) and more boring without my education.</p>

<p>A number of years ago, I used to work in a public school district which brought in a guest speaker every other year or so: a Holocaust survivor who was about 18 when he was in the camps. He would tell the kids that education is important because it's the one thing no one can take away from you (other than your life). This statement has stayed with me.</p>