what does it take to get accepted to USC?

USC is one of my dream schools, but i’m not sure if i’ll be accepted haha.

i have a terrible GPA (due to a rough past), but i’m aiming for a great SAT score. in any case, really, can SATs compensate for GPA - maybe by a little?

i’m looking forward to honest, serious, and straightforward answers. college is tough and i have such terrible anxiety because of this whole process :frowning:


With only a 16% admission rate these days, the simple answer is likely no. It is just too competitive. But it may be possible if you are bringing something else unique to the decision-making process… i.e. URM or FirstGen or QuestBridge or recruited athlete or some other form of “hook” that may separate you from the pack & make you somehow sought after in the eyes of admissions.

In general… for those looking to get “Chanced”, I suggest reading an excellent thread on the topic from the beginning…


I also suggest reading through the following very helpful insider’s guide to USC admissions…


Good Luck…