What does my EFC mean?

I got an EFC score of 015095 what how much will I Pay out of pocket to the school?

What schools are you considering?

If it is from the FAFSA, that is only for the purpose of federal aid, although some colleges will use it in their own calculations.

Each college has its own way of calculating what it expects your family and you to pay, which may not necessarily be the same as the EFC from the FAFSA. Go to each college’s net price calculator on its financial aid web page to get an estimate of what that college is likely to offer in financial aid.

If your parents are divorced, read https://talk.collegeconfidential.com/financial-aid-scholarships/2083835-faq-divorced-parents-financial-aid-and-net-price-calculators.html before using any college net price calculators.

Your FASFA EFC determines your eligibility for Federal Financial Aid. $15,095 will be the minimum you will be expected to pay towards any college costs.

For any schools of interest, you should run the Net Price Calculator (NPC) which may give you a more accurate estimate of your costs.

Like others have said, run the NPCs. A school that professed to meet full need ahead a higher chance of matching and maybe even shaving off a bit from your EFC. Schools with lower tuition, high merit potential, a decent amount of aid to offer… there is some potential of getting close or under that number. Unfortunately, many schools will be a whole lot higher.

What you should do is talk to your parents and find out if that number is within range of what they can pay. If not, how far off. That will be a big factor in what kid of schools you are looking into.

The EFC is telling you that you will pay at least $15095, but to get a realistic number, you need to do the Net price calculator for the school you expect to attend. Each school has it on its website.

How much will your parents pay each year? Ask them, please don’t guess. We see later posts from a lot of disappointed students who thought their parents would pay more.

Your EFC is too high for fed grants.

What is the GPA and ACT/SAT scores ?

What do you need the net costs to be?

What is the major and career goal?

What is your home state?