what does my gpa have to be to get into yale?

<p>i am really interested in going to yale. what do you think my unweighted gpa has to be to get into yale?</p>

Go to the Y subforum and the Resources sticky thread. It will give links to several years of Results threads where you can see statistics, including gpa, for accepted, denied and WLed applicants, as well as other information.</p>

<p>About the best anyone can tell you is: as close to 4.0 as possible. While gpa is probably the most important academic measure (along with the rigor of your coursework in relation to what is offered at your school), it is not the only thing necessary for admission to a selective college. Once you're over the threshold for grades and test scores, what will differentiate you from other top candidates are your ECs, volunteer activities, essays, etc.</p>