What does this entail exactly?

<p>One of the options I have for housing is living in something known as "Healthy Lifestyle/Community"</p>

<p>I know that this is usually to prevent drugs and alcohol, which I don't mind. Yet, I'm worried that if I select this option I will feel "secluded" from the other students (because I bet only a few people have chosen this option). I'm not a prude, so I don't know if this is the right option for me.</p>

<p>Anyone have any experiences with this, or advice?</p>

<p>I would advise against substance-free dorms. You'll probably wind up with a mix of people who are committed to being sub-free, which is fine unless they're really judgmental (consider if you get into partying or being around people who do - could be conflict there) and also kids whose parents forced them to be in it, which kind of undermines the whole thing, I think. The proportions of those kinds of people probably vary from school to school. It might be quieter, but I think it will put you in a bubble you may or may not want to be in, and the benefit doesn't seem that great when compared with other dorms that may not be all that different. The non-substance-free dorms are probably fine with a bigger mix of people. I recognize I'm kind of biased since I'm not a substance-free person myself, lol. But I can see the advantages, I just don't think they're really worth it. And if you're ambivalent about it, then you probably won't really like it.</p>

<p>Even at my school, which is a big party school, there are lots of better dorms for people who want quiet than the sub-free floor. People who don't want drugs or alcohol around just seek out similar people and live in quieter dorms - dorms that aren't specifically sub-free, but don't really have a party reputation either. I think that's how it should be, personally, but to each their own.</p>

<p>^You are completely right. I definitely don't want to be in a bubble. And while I don't smoke or do drugs, I still enjoy partying and other similar things. Thanks for your advice. :)</p>

<p>What RoxSox said ^. I personally don't drink or do drugs, but don't have a problem with people who do, and I found that partying is a great way to know people, even if you don't drink yourself.</p>

<p>Edit: Cross-posted, haha.</p>

<p>At my school people who lived in substance free housing partied the hardest and were into all kinds of stuff.</p>

<p>^Oh wow; quite unexpected. What school do you go to?</p>

<p>Yeah I would be careful. I'm the RA for the female sub-free floor on my campus, and being sub-free on the floor is optional. If you check that'd you'd be interested you get put there and you can sign the sub-free contract if you want, but it's not required.</p>

<p>I'd say it's about 60% Girls who just aren't interested in drinking, and are chill.
30% people who thought they weren't going to drink in college, but do.
And 10% judgmental girls who look down on all who drink.</p>

<p>It's really they luck of the draw. But I would encourage you to stay away from it.</p>