What does this mean "Admit - College Reviewed"

<p>My decsion says this
Admit - College Reviewed: Applicant admitted through college review
what does this exactly mean??</p>

<p>So does mine. Is this standard or is it a 'special case' because I had to resubmit my app after the deadline because of that silly e-signature error.</p>

<p>Grats uniguy!</p>

<p>You got admitted to the program you desire. Congrats.</p>

<p>It means your application was manually reviewed by an admissions officer. The other option is just admit or auto-admit which implies a computer admitted you. Typically, more competitive majors like business, engineering, etc use manual review, especially if your high school doesn't rank.</p>

<p>mine is Admit, and my major is computer science.</p>

<p>Ahaaa, thank you!</p>

<p>It means it was reviewed by committee in the college to which you were admitted. Note that just "Admit" may mean the same thing but they just did not put college reviewed into the computer.</p>

<p>yea my friend and i got this as well, i simply took it as 'admit' and jumped for joy, but my friend called uiuc, they said the same thing, that you are admitted dont worry</p>

<p>uiuc's website says "Admit - College Reviewed: Applicant admitted through college review"</p>

<p>U</a> of I Admissions: Application Status Help</p>