What does this mean? Am I sick?

<p>I'm a high school sophomore (16) but I'm hoping some of your parents can help me out. I donated blood yesterday at school. While some were fainting, vomiting, etc. I did just fine and was able to drive home a few minutes later, without trouble.</p>

<p>However, this morning, while still asleep (it was like 11 a.m., I slept in) I got a call from Virginia Blood Services (the people who collect the blood). I'm scared that they found something wrong with me and were notifying me. It's too late to do anything now and I have to wait until Monday. I'm not sure I can wait.</p>

<p>Why else would they call? I did the double red blood cell donation which makes me ineligible for 112 days (until 9/11/09) so they're not calling to ask me to give again. What could it be, it's driving me insane!!!</p>

<p>maybe it was just to check on you as you did the double? i would think if something wrong they would have asked to speak with your parents also as you are 16.</p>

<p>They're not allowed to speak with my parents. Confidentiality. It stated in the permission form my parents had to sign that if anything should come up, health related or otherwise, they would contact me directly.</p>

<p>What exactly did they notify you of? What did they say was "wrong" with your blood? It could be a lot of different things, and you do not necessarily have any disease. Your blood can be disqualified for many different reasons - some are serious but many are not.</p>

<p>In any case it is important to follow-up on this. Take whatever information they provide to you and discuss its meaning with your doctor.</p>

<p>This has happened to me - perhaps your iron was too low. If they don't check it on the spot, I think they do it later. If the iron count is low, then they do make an effort to tell you because your doctor will want to figure out why it's low. If you're female, the likely culprit would be your monthly cycle.</p>

<p>Coureur: I was asleep and didn't answer the phone, I just see that they called. It was too late for me to call back. They said they will probably try to call back tomorrow (even though it's Sunday? That makes me even more worried!)</p>

<p>Zimmer: I'm male. :(</p>

<p>Also, they checked my hemoglobin there to detect for anemia. Mine was well above the threshold (Anemia's 12ish, mine was 16). So it's not that.</p>

<p>That happened to me in the early 80s. I freaked--I thought I must be HIV positive.</p>

<p>It turned out that they just wanted to schedule another donation.</p>

<p>CIA, I understand your concern. However, the call was probably about something bureaucratic. Try to stop worrying, as it is probably nothing significant (I know- easier for me to say than for you to do) and let us know what you find out on Tuesday, OK?</p>

<p>Overnight is too early for them to have run any tests on your blood and get back to you.</p>

<p>It could be lots of things. My husband comes up positive for Hepetitis C even though he never had it, but it was apparently a side effect of having mono in college.</p>

<p>Were you a first time blood donor? Perhaps they just called to see how you were if you were a first timer, especially given that you were watching people around you faint and throw up. Might have wanted to make sure it didn't scare you off.</p>

<p>I was a first time donor. Hopefully it was that.</p>

<p>Hope you are following their instructions by drinking a lot of fluids and taking your vitamins. Do not get dehydrated. Eat some red meat and deep green veggies to replenish your iron and calcium.</p>

<p>CIA, I give blood often, and sometimes I get a routine thank you call after the donation. Don't worry--I'm sure everything is fine. It's wonderful that you donated.</p>

<p>I agree with Mary13. Please don't worry and thanks for generously donating your blood. </p>

<p>I have been unable to donate due to medical issues but have always admired all those wonderful folks like yourself that do donate and make our world a better place.</p>

<p>I imagine it was for the following reasons
other students at your school as you said- fainted etc.
This was your first time donating- you are young and you gave a large donation.
They probably are checking to make sure you are following directions
drinking fluid etc.</p>

<p>In my area, they notify you by letter- if tested blood is turned down two consecutive times.
So when I tested as having been exposed to Hep B, it was two years at least since I first was exposed as I only gave blood once a year or so, since I tend to have low blood volume/pressure. Further, I was not actually a carrier of Hep B, as examined by my Dr. but the blood bank tests are not sophisticated enough to rule that out.</p>

<p>I imagine that they would send you a letter- if something was amiss- and the call was for courtesy.
So rest up and drink fluids!</p>