What does this portend?

<p>Hi. I'm from NY and really fell in love with CU after visiting it last month. I sent my first SAT scores in last year (800CR/710M/they don't look at W do they?) and got the "provisional acceptance" letter. Then, in June, I got my second taking (800CR/760M) back and sent that in. Just a few days ago I got another letter from Clemson saying that based on the better set of scores, they would waive my application fee and give me, I believe the terminology was, "priority scholarship consideration." My questions are, (1) has anyone else gotten this letter, (2) If anyone has, what kind of aid package did you end up with, and (3) given my stats below can you give me a rough idea of what kind of aid package I'll be looking at (assuming I get in, which I'm not THAT worried about)?</p>

<p>SAT: 800/760 as stated above
SAT IIs: 770 on Math I and Literature
GPA: 3.74 UW
Rank: 25/138 (18-19th percentile) based on UW GPA
ECs: Solid, but not going to stand out
APs: 1 or 2 (my school offers very few)
OOS, if you didn't catch it at the beginning.</p>

<p>Thanks alot!</p>

<p>hmm I'm not sure. Though since class rank is a big factor you probably won't get as big of a scholarship as you might have were you in the top 10% of your class.</p>

<p>I'm worried about that, yeah.</p>