What does UT look for?

<p>I was wondering what UofT looks for in an AMERICAN student. I ask this because my GPA is pretty low (2.9), but my SAT scores are relatively high, 2110 with a 760 in math. My gpa shot up from 10th grade which was absolutely horrible. I am currently taking 2 AP classes in my senior year. My dad went to UofT for both undergrad and postgrad work. I was wondering if I have a shot at the St. George campus. I'm mainly interested in Biochemistry for Pre-med, but I am willing to change majors for a better shot at UofT. Any help is greatly appreciated.</p>

<p>dont change majors for a better shot, u might get stuck
u have a shot i guess... it depends on how good your school is, some schools can get in with a 2.9
remember u must take a total of 3 SAT IIs OR APs</p>

<p>hisean99, where do you go to school? i also came from the US, and i got in with a 2.8 GPA, 1440 SAT (old version), and had 2 APs in my senior year</p>

<p>We met with an admissions offcier twice. He said they look for good SAT's, and at least B+/A- type grades. They look for AP courses.</p>

<p>ok, I'm a sophmore whose lives in the states with canadian citzenship. What do I need to do to get in? I have about a 4.0 know, with 1 AP and a couple of other weighted classes. Next year should I take mainly AP or IB classes. Which is better for admission? I am obsessed with U of T and really want to study business as an undergrad.</p>