What does Wellesley look for in an applicant?

Hi! I was wondering if you know what Wellesley looks for an applicant. Some schools specifically say what they mean by fit and what kind of students they want. Does Wellesley have that/or as a current student/parent do you see that amongst Wellesley women? I would love to know! Thanks :slight_smile:

I see Wellesley students as extremely ambitious—everyone wants to make a change in the world, run for State Senator, or become the next CEO of Goldman Sachs. If you have that drive in you, I feel you would be a good fit :slight_smile:

I agree that Wellesley seems to attract very ambitious women. It’s not that the other women’s colleges do NOT attract ambitious women, but Wellesley that seems to be the hallmark: to be explicitly ambitious. Ready to compete.

In contrast, Bryn Mawr attracts women who are (and I think Niche website says this explicitly although I’m paraphrasing) “more concerned with attaining knowledge than they’re worried about grades.” I think BMC students of course care about grades, but they are mostly interested in the activity of learning and not in the competition about grades, for example. That school is known for being chill compared with other women’s colleges and also for sending more women into Ph.D. programs, for example, along with other leadership positions. BMC is also part of a consortium with Swarthmore, Haverford (it’s closest school in feel and everything is coordinated with that school) and UPenn. BMC has grad programs plus the co-college consortia mean there are some men in classes. Also it’s on commuter line to Philly which makes a big difference in outlook, small campus, big outlook.

Smith is know for ambitious women but also for it’s political nature. It’s more overtly political and outspoken that way. It’s also part of a consortium with Amherst, UMass Amherst, Hampshire and Mt. Holyoke. Small-town feel.

Mt. H is closer to Bryn Mawr in vibes regarding academics, but more bucolic and has horses, gorgeous campus.

Barnard has always been more difficult for me to pin down in terms of unique personality. I think that’s because it’s part ofColumbia and shares all things, plus it’s in NYC and so those strong factors help dictate its personality.

Vassar is now co-ed but feels arty in comparison with the others. Campus is big. That it originally was a women’s college and one of the Seven Sisters still feels present. It’s also on the commuter train to NYC which allows it to feel connected to the larger world.

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Also wanted to add, if you want a good idea of how each college is perceived and what individuals from each college think about their own vibes, check out the insta @historicallywomens.c0m. It’s a meme page where students from HWCs (historically women’s colleges) make fun of each of our school’s stereotypes and quirks. It gives a pretty accurate representation of each school’s virtues and character flaws imo.