What Does Wharton Want?!?!

<p>What this school want... 4.0 and 2400's... im guessing not... people always say passion for something.. i have that but it still such a high reach.... i have a 90 avg with a 2370... what do you need to get into this place.. its bugging me. if you know anything about wharton admissions please tell me. i can give you a more detailed explanation of what and who i am..</p>

<p>Go over to the Penn forum and read threads of accepted/rejected applicants. On the face of it, your 90 avg is a red flag.</p>

<p>yea i know… but i go to a rigorous college prep school in princeton… those forum posts only indicate stuff to a certain point…</p>

<p>Then your guid counselor will have more knowledge almost every forum poster here on this site. Really.</p>