What does YR 1, YR 2 etc.

Hello I’m currently filling out my UC application, and I have taken languages other than English in 7th and 8th grade, but I want to ask you all what “yr 2 lang other than English”.
Does this mean how long I have had that language(what year of this language is it?) or is it just what language I learnt first, or second etc. really confused here guys.


They mean the level of the language course.

So “yr 2 lang other than English” is a course that is or is equivalent to a second year US high school course in a language other than English.

I.e. most US high school courses named Spanish 2, French 2, etc. would be described by that. Some US high schools number by semester instead of year, so the courses would be Spanish 3 and 4, French 3 and 4, etc…

See the UC application guide to help aid in filling out the UC application. International applicants should refer to pages 13 and 14.