What Dorm Should I Stay In?

Hi, I’m an incoming freshman in the biochemistry major. I want to stay in a dorm that will be close to majority of my classes. Which dorm do you think would be best for a freshman biochemistry major?

I think Boreman (either S or N) is closest to Chem Building, with Stalnaker next most convenient. I think you’ll have Chem, Math and Eng classes which are all Downtown campus of course, so you can’t go wrong with those three, or even Dadisman. Seneca, Honors and Summit are downtown too but a little farther from Chem, and Towers will be a PRT or bus ride away. Not a bad place, just would be a situation where you would go downtown campus for the day, and then probably come back to dorm once all your classes are over. Does that help?

If you stay in boreman you’ll prob hate life. Boreman and Dadisman are the trashiest places on campus. Stay in Seneca (I live here and I have never had an issue, plus it has a sheetz. However, it is expensive.) Second to that I would say stay in Summit or the Honors hall. You’ll have to walk 5-8 minutes to class, which I do everyday and it’s not bad at all, but the hills in the Mo suck. Good luck with coming to WVU, there’s nothing else like this place.