what econ graduate schools should i look into?

<p>My profile:
-International student, in US more that 6 years
- Full-ride scholarship in a state university of undergraduate
- 3.65-3.7 GPA Math and Econ majors / GRE 1450 + 3.5
- Some research experiences
- decent recommendations i would say</p>

<p>I want to take shots at some top 20 graduate schools, but i don't know whether they would provide me with scholarship, which i know is extremely tough!</p>

<p>Any suggestions?</p>

<p>Which specific math courses did you take and what did you get in them? Have you taken any doctoral classes?</p>

<p>Also, what are your research interests? Do your letter writers have a track record?</p>

<p>like 4000+ level math courses... the only graduate course i am considering to take is real analysis. Don't know if that will work</p>

<p>One more thing, i am taking econometrics right now.... does that sound ok to graduate school admission?</p>

<p>my problem with the research is: the professor i was working with took a break for one year. So, we could not continue our work and when she returned, she changed her research topic :(</p>

<p>You didn't really answer our questions. What math classes have you taken, what were your grades, what research experience do you have, what are your interests, and are your letter writers well-known and/or respected economists?</p>