What Education Related Subscriptions do you have and/or recommend?

For example, Chronicles of Higher Education articles I always seem to gravitate towards reading or wanting to read…but I’m always out of free articles!!

I’m thinking of getting a subscription. Probably in next couple days.

But what are you all reading? Subscribed to? Recommend?

S21 is applying to schools and it seems like all these articles that highlight Covid plans, testing, endowments, cutbacks, teacher and student satisfaction, majors that are losing funding at schools, etc is meaningful info.

I crave info and always have too many books around the house and on my kindle, but.:…at least this is productive reading, right?!

I think everything I wanted/needed to know I found on the internet re: the college process. I would think reading some of the news releases from a particular college your student might be interested might provide some insight.

Is that what you mean? I think you’re not getting responses cause the “ask” is unclear. Or no one is subscribing to education related subscriptions unless it’s for a personal work purpose!

@abasket - Thank you for replying! Yes, I think I wasn’t clear. My brain is clearly not focusing well lately.

First and main question is:

Is anyone subscribed to Chronicles of Higher Ed? I imagine few people (unless they are like college administrators or high school counselors), but the articles look very interesting.

Maybe no one is subscribed to it?!

I think I’ll just leave it at asking if anyone is subscribed to it.

Thank you for trying to help me get some responses. ?

I have not subscribed, but like you read until I run out of free articles. Often from something posted on CC. Haven’t been frustrated enough yet by lack of access that I have looked into subscribing.

I subscribe to the Chronicle and, at least today(!), think it’s worth the annual subscription fee. I do receive the the print copy too and rarely look at that, so will likely renew just the digital piece going forward.

When you do run out of free articles at any site, you can use another browser and often times that will get you more free articles.

I work in Higher Education, and subscribe to the Chronicle of Higher Education. I also have liked Inside Higher Ed on Facebook, so frequently articles from there show up on my feed.

@mom2and - Ty for the reply. I probably don’t “need” the articles but I think i’m looking for reasons to purchase a subscription (akin to seeing people boiling endless pots of water in old movies or books when a woman was in labor which seemed to just help people have something to do when they were anxious and impatient during stressful times). :slight_smile:

And that sentence is WAY too long, but i’m not going to edit it. :wink:

@Mwfan1921 - TY! Now I have at least a couple people who subscribe (one in Higher Ed and one not) saying it’s worth it. So I’m set to rationalize a subscription if I end up pulling the trigger on one. I probably will.

Heck, I should appreciate all the money I’m saving on not visiting schools and campuses which easily makes up for buying a subscription. :slight_smile:

But I still wish I was visiting schools with S21. I had SO looked forward to those trips!!!

@college_query - Thx for replying. I appreciate it. I’m no longer on FB but…if I do ever return, I will check out that FB group. If you have anything else you follow on twitter or newsletters, I’m all ears. :slight_smile: Thanks again.

Inside Higher Ed has a webpage you can just go to directly; I just get reminded to go there by their postings that pop up on Facebook:


@college_query - Excellent! TY!!!