what else we need to pay for?

<p>We are Asian and without any clues for American high school culture. However we have always been there for our kids. Due to immigration from other country, our social norms are quite different than say a typical American high school parents. Thus I come often to these boards for asking what is appropriate thinking. My son initially has no interest in proms. However, we persuaded that he should go and at least enjoy what a prom is like and should not miss a good experience. He is lucky to have a girl who is equally good and has accepted his offer for a prom date.</p>

<p>We are paying for prom tickets, flowers, food and limousine. Do we have to do any additional things? Are we missing something? Our kid’s happiness is paramount and wants to treat him good. Since he is going to college almost for free, we want to make sure that we give him a passing gift. Sorry, we do not have much money but want to treat him for his hard work and dedication. We want to do it without being contentious. Thanks for input.</p>

<p>Very sweet. When you say flowers, I assume that you realize the the young lady is usually given a corsage by her date, and he usually wears a boutonniere. Will he be renting a tuxedo with shoes, shirt, etc.?</p>

<p>Some couples continue on to another location after the prom for coffee, dessert, or another party. Some go to someone else's home prior to the prom for pictures, hor d'ouvres. Some couples go to the beach or somewhere else the next day. None of this is necessary.</p>

<p>Yes he is renting a tuexdo with full glamour. He is providing her date a corsage. The GIRL will attend the college with him. They are not romatically involved. But they are intellectually attracted to each other. She is the best choice my son could have picked up. Both kids are free from drug and alchoal use. That makes me very proud of his choice as he told me that they are more interested in talking aout what future holds. She is going to attend the same university on a full scholarship too.</p>

<p>No advice here - just congratulations to you on raising a terrific son. (His friend sounds terrific too.)</p>

<p>Some schools also have a photographer at the event and take pictures which can be bought after the fact....</p>

<p>Some spending cash is nice in case they go out afterward.</p>

<p>Make sure your son asks the girl whether she prefers a traditional corsage (needs to be pinned to dress) or a wrist corsage (most girls choose this).</p>

<p>And regarding photos: as maineparent mentioned, many proms will have photographers on-site who will take posed photos under an arch covered with flowers. Sometimes couples will be photographed together, and often larger groups of friends will pose for a photo together. Sometimes it will be required to pay for the photos <em>at the prom</em> even though the photos will not be delivered until later. If you or your son may be interested in some photos from these photographers, you may want to call the school beforehand, to find out what they will offer and whether payment is required that night. (And how much it might be, so you can send your son with the right payment.)</p>

<p>Congratulations on raising such a fine son. From your words it is clear you are very proud of him. I hope he has a wonderful prom.</p>

<p>Nothing new to add to what everyone else has said, except congratulations, he sounds like such a wonderful young man. I hope he and his friend enjoy the prom!</p>

<p>How thoughtful you are to make sure his prom experience is complete! I hope they have a lovely time. One other thing: if the parents of the guy know the girl, too, the couple might drop back by his house after he picks her up, so that you can see her pretty dress and take a picture for your family album. The girl is usually glad to be admired all by herself, before she is just one of many lovely girls in beautiful dresses, and it seems only fair that since her folks got to see your son all dressed up, that you would get to see her! You might have him ask if the young lady would be comfortable doing that.</p>

<p>Unfortunately, the girl is from other state. She attends the the school on full aid like my son. Her ancestary is Afro American. She is very pretty and extremely intellgent and a level headed girl. I have never an opportunity to meet her family. I know the girl as she is close friend of my son. </p>

<p>I would be paying for professional photographs. Thanks for your wonderful suggestion.</p>

<p>Yes we are proud of our son. More than his accomplishments, we are proud of his charcater. He choose a person disreagrading myopic views and looked the inner beauty of the person. That is more important to us sice we have tried to teach him that.</p>

<p>Many people do not pay for the photographs at the prom. Often times parents take candid pictures before the couple leave for the prom. Neither of my children had their pictures taken at the prom. If money is a concern this may be an one to skip.</p>

<p>About the corsage- I'd go with a wrist one, it's a lot nicer. As a senior girl, I know I'd prefer one with for the wrist---> so much simpler.</p>

<p>In our area it is traditional for the girl to buy the boutonniere as a gift for her date. Most people color coordinate the flowers with the dress, or use white. The spending money for afterward is a good idea. Our school has a dinner for the seniors at the hotel where the dance is held, but most other schools in the county have groups of seniors going out together to a restaurant for an early dinner. It is also pretty common for a group of guys, 2-5 in number, to get together to rent the limo and split the cost. This saves some money and is often more fun for the kids. It is a good idea, though, for the ones splitting to be good friends, and to have similar ideas about drinking, when to come home etc.</p>