"What Else"

<p>How many pages is your "What else would you like us to know"?</p>

(not including the actual form)</p>

<p>2 and I did it on the actual form. So the rest of the front page of that and the back.</p>

<p>1, not including the form itself</p>

<p>2 not including actual form</p>

<p>32, including the form + CD.
But I made errors, probably grammar, punctuation and wrong arrangements of letters.</p>

<p>I had dearth of time, since I was told [on the infoline], that the fastest messenger in Poland has a plane on a certain hour, but then It appeared, that it is not true [people were saying completely different things in different post offices - :U :)], and finally I haven't checked everything as solemnly as I wanted. And I added something just before sending.</p>

<p>Could be better, could be...
Fortuneately I made photos of it, and now I am checking for these errors. :)
Do You think that admissions office will understand me, and take the proper versions sent by email, instead of those sent by post [but checked worse]?</p>