What email to stanford?

<p>I applied to Stanford via Questbridge match but didn't get matched. So Stanford allows me to submit one additional essay, but I don't know their email address to send. Does anyone have an idea?</p>

<p>I would send everything via commonapp.org . There you can register and make Stanford a college you are applying to. From this, you can complete your Stanford Supplement.
Or, I would fax the additional essay to them and be sure to add your Common Application number and your full name. Their fax number is(650) 723-6050. If there are any other problems call the Undergraduate Admissions office at (650) 723-2091. If all else fails I would email them, considering they get so many emails during this time, I would call them instead but this is the email address: <a href="mailto:admission@stanford.edu">admission@stanford.edu</a> . Good Luck!!</p>