What essays show about character?

<p>I was wondering about the Andover Essays
A. Discuss a matter you once thought you knew “for sure”—but of which you are no longer certain.</p>

<p>B. Write a children’s story with you as the main character. It should be autobiographical/semi-autobiographical and include a lesson that you have learned.</p>

<p>C. What is the most valuable piece of advice you have been given? How has that advice changed the way you see yourself, others, and the world?</p>

<p>D. Imagine you are creating the ideal school. Describe it. What would be important to have in your school and why? (Your school must be different than Phillips Academy.)</p>

<p>E. If you were given one day and a budget of $1,000 to make a difference in your community, what would you do? Whom would you involve? What would you hope to achieve?</p>

<p>F. Imagine you are asked to do a one-year research project in either your history/social science or science class. What kind of research project would you design, and what would you hope to learn?</p>

<p>What does each show about character? Like, do they judge on which question you pick? I know one doesn't doc over the other, but lets say you pick E over D. Does that tell them you are more giving and caring?</p>

<p>Well, I’ll have to go with B if you want to show who you are and what you’ve learned from the lesson you had in the past. C is kind of the same, too. The only difference here is when did the lesson occur.
E and F is, in my opinion, the same. They basically ask what do you want to achieve in the future. You can have a focus on which trait do you want to have in the future.
In think A and D don’t focus that much on character, though, through the essay, I think that the admission officer can infer what kind of person you are (creative, active,…)
I don’t think that they judge the question that you pick. But I think it’s best if you write the essay that really reveals your current personality (B and C), because then, the school will have a better idea of who you are.
Oh, if you choose D over E, I don’t really think the school will know you’re more caring and giving unless you mention it in your essay. Otherwise, the choice is up to you and how you choose to write your essay
Hope this helps answer your question.</p>

<p>All of them show your character in some way. No question is exactly different from the other and I don’t think choosing E over D tells them you are more giving and caring really…
My guess why there are so many questions is probably because with more variety of questions, applicants can express themselves better, not needing to stick with a question they might not feel confident answering.</p>