What exactly counts as a transfer student....?

<p>I am planning to apply for the spring semester at some Korean universities. I've already been accepted to an instate university (University of Louisville) and I plan to go.
The thing is, I don't want to transfer from UofL to a Korean university (Because it requires different things)
But I also need to attend UofL (Just in case I don't get accepted to the Korean Universities)
Can I apply as a non transfer student at a Korean Uni while attending UofL, and just drop out of UofL and go to the Korean uni if accepted? (Because technically I am not transferring any credits, just dropping out of college and going to another)
Or will it cause trouble if they find that I was attending another uni when applying for their School?
I know this question was kind of confusing, but thanks in advanced.</p>

<p>A transfer student is anyone who has completed 12 or more college units since graduating high school.</p>

<p>^^ That may be true some places, but not everywhere.</p>

<p>Different institutions define a transfer applicant differently. At some schools, if you have ever matriculated at any degree-granting institution, then you are a transfer student even if you earned no credits (or even attended no classes). At other schools, you may be a transfer if you have earned <em>any</em> undergraduate credits, or if you have earned a specific minimum number of credits.</p>

<p>There is really no substitute for asking the specific schools to which you are applying. Each will have its own policy on transfer admissions. There is no universal answer to your question.</p>