What exactly is a D?

<p>So, in my school, a D is not failing, it is a 70-75.
Many people said that if you get a D, you will get rescinded.
I'm scared because I completely screwed up in one test in bc calc, and my quarter grade(not semester) might be a 70-75 this six weeks. The rest of my grades are stellar, and my rank and gpa even went up in my mid year report.
I'm also taking 6 AP classes this semeseter so...do you think I'm in danger of getting rescinded if my semester average for the second semester will be a B or C, or that I will get rescinded for a bad quarter grade?
Sorry I know these posts are super annoying..</p>

<p>colleges usually only see your semester grades (midyear/final)
so they probably won’t see your D.
a B or C in a class will not get your acceptance rescinded.</p>

<p>thanks for input. Im just scared :confused:
bump bump bump</p>

<p>Pssh, don’t worry about it. The “C” rule is because generally below a C is failing. That’s why it exists. Also, the quarter grades aren’t sent. So really you’ve got nothing to worry about. Just pull it up before the year ends and you’ll be fine.</p>

<p>PHEW okay it still freaks me out…thanks for your input :slight_smile:
so really as long as semester grades are a and bs, then its all cool? even just one c (75-79) is fine?
I emailed Cornell about it anyway, so they probably think im some crazy person because I freak out about this…</p>