What exactly is grad school?

<p>So, I've always gone around with an understanding that grad school is just the extension after undergrad; the next level of education. But, I keep hearing of these stories of how one gets a bachelor's degree in a particular degree, but then gets a master's degree in something somewhat related, but not nearly the same. I thought that grad school was a way of furthering your degree from undergrad school, but apparently that's a misconception of mine. I don't understand how it works; why can you attempt for a higher level of education if your not building off your degree from undergrad school?</p>

<p>Well one reason:
Im in Mechanical Engineering. Going to grad school for aerospace engineering. Friend also a Mechanical Engineer but going to grad for Fluids. The study of Mechanical includes a broad range of principles. Thats why many go to Grad school for aspects they like of their bachelor degree, and also universities might not offer what you want to study for Grad school.
When considering for a job. With a Bachelor in Mechanical I have a larger range in the job market, and I could still work in aerospace. But employeers might pick more towards a graduate with a aerospace master rather than a mechanical masters. It really should come down to what you love.</p>

<p>Often, you're specializing, as the previous poster said. For example, my undergrad degree is in psychology (a VERY broad field!), but I'll be in a School Psychology PhD program (a much more specific focus) for grad school.</p>

<p>Grad school is similar to jail. The usual PhD is about 5 years similar to many jail sentences. Often during the year you are sleep deprived and are not allowed to bathe(because you have not time). People try to mess with your mind a regular basis. </p>

<p>Man, I had a frustrating day.</p>