what exactly is on a HS transcript?

<p>is it just grades alone? do they put EC's on them? do they put lates/absents records?</p>

<p>Ask to see your HS transcipt that is sent out to college. At my son's school they actually give you one so that you can see what the adcoms see. It differs from school to school, but most highschools have some sanitized version of a transcript that they send out.</p>

Right. In general though, the courses you took, and the grades you got appear on the transcript. Other things may include class rank, your 1st semester senior year courses, dual enrollment courses, and your school's GPA weighting scale. (Sometimes it is on the transcript; at other schools it is in the profile.) Some public schools also include your SAT/ACT scores.</p>

<p>My son's "college version" of the transcript has no information other than the course and the end of year grade, and senior year first semester courses in terms of academic info. An attachment is included which is the school profile and grade distribution at the school.</p>

<p>I agree that you should definitely ask to see a copy of your transcript BEFORE it gets sent out to any schools. Check for accuracy -- it's rare, but sometimes there is an administrative error. Fortunately, my son's school makes the student sign off on a copy of the transcript before any are sent out so he caught a major mistake -- there was a "C" where an "A" was supposed to be -- before any damage was done!</p>

<p>Each high school has their own format for the transcript. At a minimum, there will be a list of all courses that you have taken and the grades received. Some schools also report standardized test scores (SAT, ACT, AP) on the transcript but most do not due to privacy concerns. I don't know of any schools that list EC's on the transcript.</p>

<p>okay thanks, do they have your absences/ tardies though? cuz im going on a school MUN trip and im missing 5 days...</p>

no absence/tardies thing at most schools (all probably)</p>

<p>Really? They have the absenses/tardies on mine...</p>

<p>They also have AP scores.</p>

<p>The public school system in our county includes absences (for all four years of high school) on transcripts but doesn't include AP or other standardized test scores. Transcripts really seem to vary from place to place. Your school may not count count Model UN as an absence.</p>

<p>Some do have some activities like president of school clubs, awards, and the like -- in addition to what has been mentioned by others.</p>

<p>the transcripts that are sent out are not the same as the report cards that you get.</p>

<p>i have seen mine, and it has the classes and the grades. it also has my gpa by year and my class rank. there arent any scores or ecs, or absences.</p>

<p>can absencies/tardies affect admissions?</p>

<p>i doubt it.</p>