What Flip Flops more...a fish out of water or a rising HS Senior??

<p>Hi everyone....what a difference a few months make. Our Daughter was pretty focused a year ago on applying to some Top 20 Universities and using our state flagship as her safety. Then she fell in love with state flagship and eventhough I felt she was selling herself short by not applying to the others to see what nets she got caught up in, I was rather grateful that we would only be filing out one application...lol. A few major changes have altered her thinking back to taking the risk that is associated with applying to the top ranked (I say top ranked, because for me, and my thinking, I believe a "top" school is the school that meets your needs and is a good fit no matter if said school ranks 1 or 1001) schools. She is your typical CC high ranking, crazy AP taking, high GPA kid who typically does not test well, but pulled a respectable 33 on her ACT (one of her changing factors). She plays an instrument and is a leader in both band and orchestra. She plays in orchestras outside the school also. She has won some writing, and musical awards in our state. I am really trying to find her some solid matches, as I feel she has 7 reaches and 1 safety. But she thinks that's cool, because she loves her safety. Any advise?</p>

<p>Application List Today (Which is probably different that the list that actually makes the final cut)</p>

<p>*University of Texas Austin (striving for Plan II admit)
*Brown University (She studied there last summer, hated the weather, but swears she really misses it now that she is not there. She has an amazing connection with head of her instrument's studio there. She is interested in the PLME program.)
*Northwestern (We have visited...she would like to try for the BS/MD program..which is a HUGE longshot)
Dartmouth (just a maybe)</p>

<p>*We have visited these schools. We will probably not visit the others unless she receives acceptance and needs the visit for validation.</p>

<p>She wants to be a surgeon, but does not want to be studying only science for the next 8 years. She would like to continue her instrument and really explore other things while knocking out premed requirements. The Brown PLME program on paper seems like a perfect fit, but acceptance is rare and she is in reality about that.</p>

<p>She seems to like the mid size, 2000 or so entering freshman, although it is not really important. I use to think weather mattered, but in her mind today, it does not.</p>

<p>Schools she does not want to apply to:

<p>Excellent thread title. :)</p>

<p>Plan II is a great program. Will she be OK with UT if she doesn't get into Plan II?</p>

<p>The money question is big for any premed. Are you searching for need-based or merit aid? Will you be considering pursuing significant merit aid (or in-state flagship) for undergrad in order to have more money available for med school?</p>

<p>U of Rochester is a possible match. Rochester has an early admission combined BS/MD program, which would be another reach. Students at UR have access to music lessons (for free!) at the Eastman School of Music.</p>

<p>UNC-CH? UVA? W&M? U-Mich?</p>

<p>Why doesn't she want to apply to Rice? It seems to have everything she wants, even the weather.
If she liked NW, she'll probably like WUSTL. Great premed, and a little warmer than Chicago.</p>

<p>Will she be automatically admitted to UT, making it her safety?</p>

<p>I don't necessarily think that a list of 1 safety and several reaches is a good list unless she's extremely sure she'd be delighted to be at her safety. In case she gets rejected at all reaches, it could be good for her to have another safety so she feels she has a choice.</p>

<p>As a former counselor, I can tell you fear sets in for most aplying to top schools if they are not tipy top in everything. I'm not surprised the better than expected score changed things. All you can do is encourage applying widely and reinforce that where she gets in will not define her.</p>

Will she be automatically admitted to UT, making it her safety?


<p>If she is not an automatic, 100% guaranteed admit to UT, she really needs some more matches and safeties on the list. The other schools listed are uber competitive even for top students and while it's great that she is applying, this is really risky.</p>

<p>For weather consideration, look at Univ of Miami Honors program with joint BS/MD. All of these joint programs are very selective, but it looks like your D is above the minimum qualifications:</p>

<p>Honors</a> Program in Medicine | University of Miami</p>

<p>University of Miami not only has a great science program, but a great music program as well. Highly recommend she apply.</p>

<p>If you love a safety I think it's okay to have one, but agree that two is better. She could also apply somewhere EA (if that's possible with her list) and only add a second safety if she's deferred or rejected EA. I do think it's nice to have a choice come April, but I'm not averse to a reach heavy list as long as the student likes the safeties. Neither of my kids really had matches on their list.</p>

<p>She would be an auto admit to UT (but not Plan II) and she is ok with that. And did I mention something about a Flopping Fish? She put Rice back on her list today. Haha! She is also considering adding Duke. She seems good spirited about the whole process. She understands that the top schools are a reach for everyone and I guess I have to be grateful she loves her safety.</p>

<p>As far as aid, we probably would not qualify for merit aid, but we prepared pretty well and are comfortable with her choices from a financial prospective.</p>

<p>Our guidance counselors strongly recommend two safety schools, so the student has a choice in the spring if by some chance the other schools don't work out. I agree and I would suggest that she apply to one other safety. Then again, we are talking Texas and the Longhorns... </p>

<p>I agree that Rochester would be a nice match. One of my daughter's friends is in the BA/MD program there and likes it. Great music.</p>

<p>hmm..would she consider Women's Colleges? They are just as tippy top in academics, but are considerably easier admissions wise. Plus, they sometimes have merit(like Scripps, Smith and Mt. Holyoke)</p>

<p>She really is not interested in all girls but would want an all girls dorm when the time comes. </p>

<p>Additional question:</p>

<p>So AP results came out today and we called because we have no patience (how is that for honesty) and she took 6 AP classes but did not test Psy or Music TH because of scheduling conflicts but did well on CAL AB (5), APUSH (4), BIO (4) ENG (4). Will the fours help, hurt or just be a neutral hit for the upper level schools?</p>

<p>The 4s will prevent her from gaining credit for advanced standing, or fullfillment of some requirements posssibly. The SAT IIs are what are looked at for admissions, the APs will indicate the rigor of her school program in relationship to the grades she earned in those classes.</p>

<p>The list of all reaches plus one safety is like my D this past year, who applied to only 5 colleges (4 reaches and UT-Austin). She got into Rice (and will be going there), but was rejected by the other reaches. I think one of the NYT student bloggers did this, too, with about 10 reaches, but screwed up by missing a deadline for UT-Austin and not getting accepted anywhere else. So one lesson is don't miss any deadlines for your safety!</p>

<p>As long as your D likes UT-Austin, there is no reason to apply anywhere else unless she likes it better (or you are looking for good financial or merit aid). The other obvious safety is Texas A&M.</p>

would want an all girls dorm when the time comes.


not very many schools have single sex dorms, so it could be a problem if this is important. Some schools have single sex floors (but not whole dorms). Many have mixed floors with single sex rooms and bathrooms. Some have only coed bathrooms.</p>