What form do we give our Secondary School Counselor?

<p>I'm sure this has been answered before, so sorry in advance.</p>

<p>For some reason, my common app only has the "College Official's Report," "Instructor Evaluation," "Mid-Term Report," and "School Report" available for download under the "School Forms" section, but I've been looking at other threads and I've seen people saying to use the "Secondary School Final Report" found here: <a href="https://www.commonapp.org/commonapp/downloadforms.aspx%5B/url%5D"&gt;https://www.commonapp.org/commonapp/downloadforms.aspx&lt;/a&gt;.&lt;/p>

<p>Neither of the forms really seem right to me, since the "School Report" asks for high school courses, and the "Secondary School Final Report" talks about "since you submitted the original School Report," but that never happened... </p>

<p>Can someone please clarify this for me. Which form should I send my high school counselor? I guess I'm leaning towards giving him the "School Report" since it was the only one the common app listed for me...</p>

<p>The "School Report" is the "Secondary School Report". You would have your high school counselor fill it out. But based on my knowledge, very few colleges require that form from transfer students. I'm applying to six top 40 colleges, and none of them require the secondary school form. I'd contact the schools you're applying to, to make sure.</p>

<p>Oh thanks, I just assumed that all schools require it. I just looked and one of my schools I know does for sure, but they explicitly state the "Secondary School Final Report."</p>