What G.P.A's and EC's got people into GWU as Transfers?

<p>Any help would be appreciated. List # of units, G.P.A, Courses, and E.C's. I don't want to get my hopes of if there is little chance I can get in </p>


<p>Got into SMPA fall '08 with a 3.613 and 64 credits. Didn't submit SAT and didn't send high school record. Had pretty good recommendations and EC's. Didn't go because FA offered was something like 75% of what I needed and we couldn't come up with the difference.</p>

<p>But I've heard that some others who transfered got some pretty good packages.</p>

<p>EC's co-editor school paper, already had a TV station internship, a couple school clubs and worked during summers.</p>