What general ballpark am I in?

<p>What general ballpark should I be aiming for. Im a junior, in NY, have an UW gpa of 3.6 out of 4.0, I took an AP and got a 4 last year, 3 this year, probably 2 next year. Its only speculation right now but I am assuming I will get between a 1900 and a 2050 on the SAT's. I have well over 500 hours of comm.service, I am the Pres. of one club, VP of a group outside of school.</p>

<p>I dont really care about size of the school, I would like to stay in the general Northeast area, and I would probably only go as far south as Virginia.</p>

<p>???? Bumpp</p>

<p>Define what you mean by "general ballpark" if you want more specific answers consistent to how you hold that very vague term.</p>

<p>I would say you have a pretty good shot at northeast schools like NYU, Boston College, and Vanderbilt (possible reach or match depending on SAT score). (note: Vandy isn't actually NE... I just thought a mid-reach school would be helpful for the OP) </p>

<p>Based on the US news rankings (National</a> University Rankings | Top National Universities | US News Best Colleges), I'd say you're in the general range for schools ranked 20-50.</p>

<p>I just meant, what kinds of schools should I be applying to, obviously ivies and top 20's won't happen but I just am not sure what caliber of schools I would have a shot of applying to. And thank you so much, although all the ones you mentioned are completely out of my range financially.</p>


<p>It's all speculative because of the fact that you're a junior who hasn't taken SAT or ACT. It's hard to give a ballpark, because you still have a lot of time left to improve yourself as a student. During this next year, focus really hard on one or two particular passions that can really shine through on your app and make you stand out as an individual. Maintain your grades obviously, and prep for SAT/ACT.
Research schools that have good programs for your majors so that you can hone in on what it is you're looking for. It's completely up to you as to where you want to apply. Only you know what you're truly capable of, and only you know which school is right for you.
Again, you have time, so don't stress. Just keep these things in the back of your mind so you are prepared when the time comes.</p>

<p>I really dont know what to major in either lol, I know its early but...
I always figured I would go into law, everyone told me I would be great at it but now there is obviously a huge oversupply so there is a good chance that I wouldnt have a stable job</p>

<p>Im horrible at math and anything with numbers, I love politics and governement, history, most of the Social Sciences seem really interesting and fit what I would like to do, but again, not many high paying opportunities.</p>

<p>Hmmm . . you might try one of those college search websites that prompt you to enter information about yourself (like how close to home; whether your family needs merit money, etc) . . that might help you to start thinking about schoosl types . .. also, go to visit some local schools just to start getting the feel of the campus, whether the small or the large/the small town or in the city appeal to you.</p>

<p>There are over 2400 choices out there , and I think you need to start doing some legwork .. . maybe your HS counselor can help?</p>

<p>Also . . pick one school and start digging into it so that your likes/dislikes start to reveal themselves . . . start with American University . . .</p>

<p>Thank you so much. Well I have done a fair amount of research on a wide variety of schools but at the end of the day, thats all you can do right now. You can research a school and then move on to the next one. Also I know it may sound shallow but I do care about prestige to some degree, I mean, who doesnt want to go to a school that people have actually heard of lol. Also like I said before, I usually hit a road block when I see prices</p>