What good does a 790 in Writing do me?

<p>I got my SAT scores...</p>

<p>and came away a little disappointed: 710 and 730 in Math and CR.</p>

<p>HOWEVER, I got a 790 in Writing...but what good does it do me? Does anyone look at this in admissions?!?!?!</p>

<p>Obviously, they do...</p>

<p>Some colleges/universities use your Writing SAT section to verify your admissions essay and even some times as a part of your admissions process. I would suggest going to CollegeBoard to find if your potential schools use the writing section. On CollegeBoard, look at the school's profile. Click on the SAT section to see if the school's median writing scores are given. If they are, then there is a very high probability (if not certainty) that your writing score will be taken into consideration.</p>

<p>^Post #3 is an excellent reply, but also gives me a chance to sound off on the illogic of requiring a test that is then (essentially) ignored. </p>

<p>Now mind you, I have a lot of problems with the whole thrust of this particular writing test and the <em>way</em> that it's scored, etc., but the fact is, it should either "count," quantitatively, or (a) it should not be administered, or (b) it should only be qualitatively evaluated. (As a comparison check, so described.)</p>

<p>More expensive to administer & score a 3-part than a 2-part test, so count it already. Score only the first 2 sections (going back to the 1600 standard); give the Writing section a descriptive or a ranked score, etc.</p>

<p>Or, go back to the SAT II Writing (scored), which would also serve as a check against both the admission essay and a submitted high school paper sent from the high school.</p>

<p>Good scores. The 790 in writing will enhance your application but, colleges usually look at the math and verbal as the deciding SAT grades, they take the writing into consideration but weight it nowhere near the scrutiny they do with the math and verbal because they are unsure currently how valid it is an indicator of an individual's writing grade. As someone said, it might help verify essay writing ability which I am unsure but definitely work up the math and reading which are far more decisive.</p>

<p>Everyone else has already made good points, but I just want to say this:</p>

<p>There is NOTHING wrong with your math and critical reading scores. They are fantastic. You have a 1440 in those sections and a 2230 overall- do you have any idea how many students would kill for that score? Take a deep breath. Chill. Be proud of yourself for how well you scored.</p>

<p>please stop complaining. you're set. as a junior or even younger.</p>

<p>Why do people create threads like this? It's obvious that u are just trying to brag. A 790 in writing will get u nowhere at all. Give me a break.</p>

<p>how could you seriously be disappointed with those results??</p>

<p>Eh I think it's a valid question. I got a 790 in writing too, and to be honest, I think it's useless. From what I understand, most schools still use the traditional M+CR/1600 score.</p>

<p>I was an 800 in writing, but I'm an English/Creative Writing major, so I think it might be taken into consideration with my major moreso than if I was an aeronautical engineer or something. It depends on the person.</p>

<p>I have an idea lets call this the brag about your writing sat score thread. Who else got a perfect score and is concerned how it will look to colleges. lmao!</p>

<p>I did obtain 800 on the Wriiting Section. My focus is
engineering alongside science and math. I am not sure the 800
in Writing was of relative value for my Caltech EA admittance.</p>

<p>An 800 in writing for those that intend to matriculate in non-english
/humanities majors I think works relatively more favorably towards their
chance of admittance though at some colleges.</p>

<p>The 800 in Writing, IMO,bolstered my application to Stanford and Duke
- both RD applications and to MIT EA possibly helping me obtain early
approval/likely letter notifications and EA admittance respectively.</p>


<p><em>glares at OP</em></p>

<p>I think that Writing Scores are probably going to matter for the upcoming high school class.</p>

<p>a few things.
(to the OP: skip to #3)</p>

<li><p>OP is not bragging. Shame on all of you who accused him of that.</p></li>
<li><p>This is a legitimate concern. 2230 with a 790 in writing is not an outstanding score for admission to the absolute top schools (it is definitely a solid score, though, and can earn admission to such schools in MANY cases, but for a white unhooked applicant, let's just say it won't automatically get your application in the accept pile).</p></li>
<li><p>I personally think the writing test will be considered more heavily in the next few years (and hopefully even this year) due to the extreme increase in the number of applicants and increasing necessity of factors with which to compare applicants. So, your 790 will probably help you and is probably not useless, since you aren't applying to college for another year or two, and by then, the writing section will probably be more well-established as legit.</p></li>

<p>Awesome job on each section, BTW. Even if your natural instinct is to never be satisfied (like mine is, unfortunately), try to be proud of yourself. You're in the top 1%.</p>

<p>If this thread is to boost your self esteem, you have achieved it. I got a 610 on the writing section btw, so you all can go to h***!</p>

<p>I had the same question thanks! (not quite as good tho 770)</p>

<p>I checked on college board (the whole "how do I stack up" thing), and some of the colleges I have applied to do not release their middle 50% writing scores- do you think this means that they will not consider it?</p>

<p>Answer to your question: NOTHING!</p>

<p>*** guys, this is a valid question. I have the same problem (weak CR+M, good W), and I'm REALLY tempted to retake because colleges don't give a **** about W. </p>

<p>Also, for those who think it's good, people have different standards. No need to bash people for having higher standards.</p>