What GPA do top colleges look at?

<p>For top colleges (like the ivy leagues, for example), what GPA do they look at? I know they first look at unweighted, but then is it unweighted 9-12 or 10-11 or 10-12? Do colleges not look at weighted gpa at all?</p>

<p>Also, if for example, my school weighs a class like Lit and Comp II Honors but it's not an AP class, do colleges recalculate my gpa according to their standards (only AP classes are weighted)? Thanks.</p>

<p>UW 9-12. They either use their own weighting or just eyeball it with the class rigor component.</p>

<p>For most it's unweighted 9-12. And yes, the add using their own weighing system.</p>